AB12 3FR - Postcode Details
The Scottish AB12 3FR postcode can be found in the Aberdeen City region, (0 latitude, 0 longitude). It is home to 2 companies, namely Crome Engineering Limited (net worth: 100), Houston Subsea Engineering Services Limited.


General information

Postal town Aberdeen

County Aberdeen City

Country Scotland

AB12 3FR Map


The AB12 3FR postcode area can also answer your financial services needs.
As far as retail and services are concerned. Finally.
And last but not least, whether you want to relax or simply like the atmosphere of bars, the area can offer a number of pubs.
Companies in post code

Crome Engineering Limited

20 Newlands Crescent Cove

Net worth £ 100,00

Houston Subsea Engineering Services Limited

3 Newlands Crescent Cove

Net worth no data

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