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The team behind is young, motivated and full of energy. We promise to make sure our website delivers the best and up-to-date information available online. is the prime online database of postcode details and information, compiled from a wide array of publicly available databases. The amount of data we have gathered makes the search function vital in navigating through it, while a manual search could take forever. The more information you know about what you are looking for, the more search fields you can fill in - the more accurate the results will be. If you only know one variable, like for example, the city a particular postcode is located in, the results will be rather broad - you will have to go through all the postcodes within the specified area to find the one you are looking for. The more variables you use, however, the more precise the search results will be. Maybe you already know the postcode you’d like to look up, but don’t know any other details - this would be even more straightforward. Simply use the search function by entering the postcode and you will be taken straight to it.

We can’t pretend to know what you will be looking for, but as far as we can tell, the two most useful search options are search by postcode and by city. Since it is rather hard to determine the specific location of a particular postcode simply by looking at it, and a single postcode can be limited to a house or can describe a significantly larger area, the results here can be quite surprising. As long as you know the city in which the postcode you are looking for is located, or know only the postcode and want more details - using the search function can significantly speed up the process of searching for answers.

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