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The region of Swansea, Wales is home to numerous establishments and businesses. Here are the numbers that will give you a proper perspective to fully appreciate the region. The Swansea region consists of 1872 postcodes. When considering food and drink the region is home to 548 restaurants, 266 takeaways and 215 bars. The business history of the Swansea region starts in 1879 when its oldest company was established. As years went by additional companies were created, for example 23 in 1983, 142 in 2000 and 1364 in 2016. At the moment the region is home to 11577 companies.
Ammanford (1 postcodes)
10 companies; 0 restaurants; 0 bars; 0 takeaways;
Swansea (1871 postcodes)
13711 companies; 562 restaurants; 217 bars; 267 takeaways;

Selected Postcodes

SA1 4AW (624 companies)
SA1 4PT (375 companies)
SA1 4EH (329 companies)
SA7 0AJ (308 companies)
SA6 8QQ (265 companies)
SA7 9FG (247 companies)
SA18 2NB (210 companies)
SA1 5QQ (194 companies)
SA1 3HJ (190 companies)
SA8 4HU (182 companies)
SA7 9FS (156 companies)
SA1 3PP (146 companies)

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