Aberdeen City Region - Towns and Postcodes List

The region of Aberdeen City, Scotland is home to numerous establishments and businesses. There is no better way to show it than with numbers and these will give you the knowledge you need to fully understand the region. The Aberdeen City region consists of 2347 postcodes. As far as nourishment is concerned the region is home to 706 restaurants, 348 takeaways and 371 bars. The commercial history of the Aberdeen City region starts in 1866 when its oldest company was founded. As time progressed additional companies started appearing, for example 39 in 1983, 246 in 2000 and 1666 in 2016. At the moment the region is home to 18323 companies.
Aberdeen (2260 postcodes)
19451 companies; 703 restaurants; 364 bars; 342 takeaways;
Milltimber (38 postcodes)
194 companies; 2 restaurants; 0 bars; 1 takeaways;
Peterculter (49 postcodes)
224 companies; 11 restaurants; 10 bars; 8 takeaways;

Selected Postcodes

AB10 1XD (666 companies)
AB10 1YL (548 companies)
AB25 1XQ (541 companies)
AB15 4YE (535 companies)
AB10 1UR (455 companies)
AB10 1HA (425 companies)
AB25 1XU (417 companies)
AB15 4YL (364 companies)
AB10 1XE (357 companies)
AB10 1DQ (334 companies)
AB11 7SL (276 companies)
AB10 1TN (276 companies)

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