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The history of local administration divisions in Scotland is just as complex as the English and Welsh ones, if not more so. The current division became official in 1995 as a result of the Local Government Act of 1994 that established the final division of Scotland into 32 administrative areas referred to as “council areas”. These areas are governed by an elected council. These areas can choose to be referred to also by their Gaelic name, though so far only one council followed this path - the Council of the Western Isles is known as Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar. Another council area that made use of this law is the Highland Council that adopted the Gaelic name Comhairle na Gàidhealtachd to work alongside the English one.

Aberdeen City
16827 companies; 629 restaurants; 362 bars; 303 takeaways;
10910 companies; 111 restaurants; 153 bars; 103 takeaways;
49953 companies; 991 restaurants; 429 bars; 527 takeaways;
11018 companies; 563 restaurants; 414 bars; 318 takeaways;
Glasgow City
44116 companies; 1351 restaurants; 369 bars; 733 takeaways;
9431 companies; 259 restaurants; 24 bars; 38 takeaways;
2491 companies; 111 restaurants; 57 bars; 56 takeaways;
North Lanarkshire
9715 companies; 303 restaurants; 247 bars; 381 takeaways;
Perth and Kinross
5405 companies; 447 restaurants; 128 bars; 143 takeaways;
6745 companies; 259 restaurants; 166 bars; 175 takeaways;
South Lanarkshire
16320 companies; 746 restaurants; 237 bars; 46 takeaways;
West Dunbartonshire
1978 companies; 137 restaurants; 57 bars; 90 takeaways;
West Lothian
5481 companies; 219 restaurants; 107 bars; 160 takeaways;

The 32 existing areas reflect the historical 34 shires to various extent but the counties of Scotland have gone a long way and nowadays differ very much from their historical counterparts, in both names and boundaries. When it comes to demographics, the most populous region is Glasgow with roughly 593 thousand inhabitants and the least populous are the Orkney Islands with only about 21 thousand inhabitants. Geographically the largest county is the Highland with over 11,000 square miles, and the smallest one is Dundee, spanning only 67 square miles.

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