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NYBizDb It is easy to assume that Google knows everything about every business in the world, am I right? Of course there are millions of social media fanpages and business pages, but have you ever wondered how to find a business that does not advertise its services at a global scale? There is no denying that some small, but at the same time prosperous companies advertise only locally which means that it would be almost impossible to find reliable information about them on the Internet. Another thing is that much information you find online is often outdated. You may think that you have finally found the phone number to your local construction company, but in fact the line has been disconnected for months, because the business has moved to a new location. You may also think that there is a laundromat just a few blocks away from your apartment and when you go out to run some errands you discover that the spot has been taken over by a Chinese restaurant. New York City is often compared to a living organism due to the fact that its scenery is changing constantly. No wonder the State of New York has been ranked 5th most entrepreneurial place in the USA. Apart from well-established international corporations, New York State also houses over 2 million small companies which make up 99% of all businesses. Many online databases will publish obsolete information due to the fact that their servers are not updated regularly which results in growing frustration and a huge waste of time on the side of the customers. Other times, information is provided in an unclear manner which makes it extremely difficult to comprehend.

NYBizDb has come to life to end the struggles of finding business contact data online. It is an innovative platform which aims to categorize and organize information about businesses located in the State of New York. NYBizDb is a virtual repository of up-to-date information about businesses, companies and corporations. If you are an individual customer or a company owner, NYBizDb is the place for you! The platform is compatible with smartphones and tablets, which means that you can have this amazing database whenever and wherever you need it.

In order to benefit from all functionalities of the platform you do not need to be an expert in corporate law or an IT specialist, as the information published on NYBizDb is user-friendly and easy to follow. Main page features a simple search bar where you can input company name. You will be redirected to results page on which you will find all companies which match initial search parameters. If you know more details about the company, you can also fill in its address and corporate extension. By providing this data you will get more precise results. And if you are just shopping around and looking for random companies, go to the index section and enjoy free search. Each result contains basic company and CEO contact details and is accompanied with a map displaying not only the location of the business you were looking for, but also other businesses in the neighborhood. Additionally, modern interface and sleek design correspond with the site's functionalities for ultimately enjoyable end user experience.

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